How to use trial / demo version of forex advisor?

Attention! Trial version is activated only on a demo account. It is impossible to activate the trial version on a live trading account.

Take advantage of a free 30-day trial version and see for yourself the advantages of our forex advisors.

Are you a beginner or an experienced trader, but are not yet familiar with our profitable forex advisors? Immediately make the right choice for your trading strategy is difficult? To make the right decision you need a test drive! With us it is easy to do. Choose any Forex advisor for tests, test for free with full functionality and a full set of trading settings.

Subscribe to a trial version of any Forex Advisor for free from our company, you can use your account at You get access to all trading robots with full functionality, as in the paid version, for the duration of the trial version. An account on the site, gives access to download the actual files of forex advisors, trading settings and other hidden content. We are continuously working to improve our products to make them even more useful.

How to activate trial / demo version of forex advisor?

• On the description page of the forex robot, you will find buttons for downloading the advisor file for the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 trading terminals. Downloading the advisor file in the .ex format takes place through your Internet browser.

• After downloading the advisor file, install the adviser in the trading terminal as indicated in the instructions for use. Instructions for all advisors can be found on the description page of the forex advisor or in the "FAQ" section on our website.

• Place the file of the adviser installed in the trading terminal on the chart of the currency pair on which you will trade using the trading robot.

• Fill in the “For Trial or _Email” field in the settings of the adviser, specifying your email address. The site will create a personal account automatically for the e-mail you specified in the advisor’s setup.

• Check your email and set your password. Account Activated

• Log in to your personal account and copy the serial number, paste into the “For Trial or _Email” field in the advisor's settings. License activated!

• Download the trading setting from the suggested settings on the advisor description page on the website

• When using the trial / demo version of the adviser, you need to confirm your activity daily. The adviser will post once a day a message on a chart asking “to confirm activity”.You need to click on the text with the site address, in the upper right corner of the chart. After that you will be directed to our website, to the page of confirming the activity of the advisor you are using. Further, no action is required from you, the system will poll the trial version of the advisor within 30 seconds and go into standby mode for the next request. The 30-second countdown timer will inform you about the procedure of the advisor's survey.

• In the event that you do not confirm your activity, the advisor will deactivate the trial license next day. You can resume the trial version by following the steps described in the previous paragraph.

• Trial version is limited to 30 days from the date of first activation.

• To access the downloads necessary for your profitable trading of files, you must be logged in to the site (login) under your current login and password for which licenses are activated.

Trial versions are available for forex advisors HEDGE GATE, Magelan Chronovisor, CarouselFX, Intersection EA.

If you have questions, the answers to them can be found on our website in the "FAQ" section or ask a direct question to our experts in the chat of those support. We hope you enjoy our forex trading robots.

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