If I had an advisor in 2015, today I would have 13.7 million dollars!


I continue a series of articles about our investment algorithm. In particular, let's talk about the fifth generation HEDGE GATE forex robot . The basis of the strategy in the advisor is the theory of “Gann Square”, accompanied by our modules and filters. This helped to achieve a profitability of more than 13 million dollars from 10,000!

Today, September 8, 2019, I finished the next series of tests and runs of the latest version of HEDGE GATE! We released version 5.1 on sale on August 28, 2019 in a limited number, not more than 50 licenses for live accounts. Accordingly, version 5.1 will be sold to traders or issued free of charge under an affiliate program of only 50 pieces. Why I will tell at the end of this article.

And what have we achieved and what results have been obtained in monetary terms?

I’ll say right away. The goal that we have been striving for since the end of 2012 has been achieved! HEDGE GATE Advisor gives you the opportunity to earn millions, starting with $ 10,000. I think that many people have the same amount to trade on the currency exchange if you are in trading or plan to start trading.

How to test, where did you look?

The process of creating the fifth generation of the advisor lasted approximately from December 2018. In the trading process on versions 3.1.15 and 4.2, I had several ideas for improving the profitability of the strategy. To do this, it was necessary to modify the algorithm for one module already used in the EA. And write another module from scratch and associate its actions with the previously mentioned. So that they interrogate each other and filter the signals, giving each other a “voting right” depending on expectations. As a result, we were able to connect, make friends and make the action of all modules and filters consistent with our programmers. AND! Voila! The trading robot generated a result of $ 13,733,811 in net profit. Let me remind you. With $ 10,000 we started on January 05, 2015.

We optimized, tested the algorithm on historical data of real accounts (not on a demo), on all ticks based on real ticks of three brokers. Two of them are FxPro and Alpari. About the third later at the end of the article.

Optimization of trading settings was carried out in several stages. So to say, on the "tapering spiral."

Some will say.

- Why, I set all the settings for optimization, and it will give the result!

Such an optimization I can only compare with fortune telling on the "coffee grounds".

If you want to achieve the most accurate settings , get ready to spend about a month time and several hundred runs in the optimizer. And this is provided that you have several servers in the sandbox. With a simple home computer, even if it has i7 and it has 8 cores, get ready for a year of optimization runs. Here you need more “iron”! We have enough "iron"!

Since the forex advisor has more than 30 trading parameters and they regulate different areas of responsibility of market analysis, they need to be optimized in several stages separately, collecting a puzzle into the whole structure of a profitable trading strategy algorithm.

We have been creating trading robots for over 10 years. And accordingly, we rightly consider ourselves to be quite advanced and professional specialists. As you can see, the results speak for themselves!

What are the risks to profit?

Trading in the foreign exchange market, as you know, carries certain risks of losses due to incorrect investment decisions. If a person decides to open a transaction. Many factors can influence its correctness or incorrectness of the decision made.

Such as :

  • Fatigue

  • Nerve stress experienced in previous days.

  • Lack of trading experience.

  • Inability to physically calculate all the options for entering the market, based on data on quotes for different periods.

As a result, man is not a robot. It is impossible to withstand such a heavy duty for a long time. And mistakes begin, wrong entries and loss of investment funds.

With the HEDGE GATE trading robot, all this can be avoided.

According to the test results, we made more than 93% profitable trades. And this is for four and a half years.

Tell me! What kind of person will sustain such a pace to earn more than 13 million dollars from 10,000 dollars? Such can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And books have been written about them.

But we don’t need books to write about us. We just want to make a lot of money! Our trading robot will help us with this.

It is obvious that to earn on the exchange with $ 10,000, more than $ 13 million without risk will not work. To enter the market, we used the volume of 0.7% of the account balance and took profits every 10 points. Almost scalped around the market.

How about without losses and drawdowns?

There were drawdowns and losses. These same 7% of loss-making transactions were our losses for four and a half years. I remind you! Profitable 93% of transactions.

0.7% is the maximum allowable percentage of the use of the deposit to open positions in this strategy. I do not recommend increasing! And with such a volume of 13 million dollars is not a bad profit . As a result, over the entire testing period, there were several deposit drawdowns from 40% to 70%. But there was no loss of funds in the "zero"!

Depending on your appetites and perception and risk assessment, in the settings you can change the volumes down. Accordingly, everything will change from our result in direct proportion.

For instance. Reduced by half, to 0.35%, respectively, earn 6.8 million dollars , but the drawdown will be from 20% to 35%. And this is a very good ratio. Show me! Where else can you legally earn that kind of money?

About the third broker.

I’ll tell about the third only to those who buy our robot. But do not blame me! Here we are talking about making money. And I will not give out information to the right and left. I am not interested in having a crowd there, and we interfered with each other. Who is not the first year in trading, that does not need to be explained. I will say only one thing. If there is a large crowd gathering such profits from one broker, sometimes there may be moments of lack of liquidity. Accordingly, if we collect all 50 copies from only one broker, this is the ceiling. Therefore, only 50 copies! I’m not an enemy to myself, I want to make money on this strategy, and not look around and think how many of us are here and who has what volumes.

What's next?

We do not stop developing this robot. We are confident that we will make it even more profitable and stable. But there will be no new sales! Only updates already bought.

Where and how to buy.

Let me remind you. We will sell only 50 licenses for 50 real trading accounts. All licenses are unlimited in time, no lease and the like. The cost of a license for one trading account is $ 949. For this amount, you get all the current trading settings and their update when new ones are released. Update forex advisor on all future new versions. After the sale of all available 50 copies has been completed, buyers will receive an invitation to the closed support group for the owners of the HEDGE GATE advisor. In this group, I, Igor Kalinin, will personally advise you and help you with the settings of the robot.

You can buy HEDGE GATE in our FOREXROBOT.PRO store.

And remember! If I or you had such a forex advisor four years ago, now the profit on the account was more than 13 million!

  • But such a robot did not exist before, no one! *

We now have it. So, there will be millions!

But such a robot did not exist before, no one! We now have it. So, there will be millions!

Always with you and the associated trend.

Igor Kalinin.

To be continued - Using the EURUSD exchange-traded instrument, you can receive your account income of $ 13 733 881.81

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